Aspiration beyond creativity

After a long market research, OSM realized that all available
commercial software were unable to cover the specific needs of its
projects, either because of their complexity or because they lacked of
specific capabilities to respond to demands. Trying to modify this
inadequate software OSM discovered that the whole process would
cost much more in working hours, financial cost with unreliable results.
So the only way out of this harsh scientific and professional problem,
was the creation and development of a quit new program of our own.

So P.M.Simple was born.

A software in a unique version easy to be used by private user or
experienced scientists because it is based upon four fundamental principles:
simplicity, flexibility, easy learning curve and the most important
unparalleled interactivity with the user (adaptability – mobility - individual
impact – esthetic friendliness).



P.M.Simple is a data based application that offers full knowledge, visibility
and full control over any kind of project. The system received data from
individual users, combines them and final extract them in text form as reports. The data
are stored in a database designed with a view to filter the results and
presents the required feedback.
The application can run in any internet enabled device such as a desktop,
laptop, smartphone or tablet.
P.M.Simple uses a quite simple layout at the same time, while it can
be really complicate according to the needs of the user.